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Selecting School Colors

Selecting School Colors


Community Surveyed

•         Survey Launched Dec. 15, 2011

•          496 surveys were completed

•          Survey had 1,199 visits


Feedback Analysis

•         Top Color Schemes were Jacksonville Jaguars*  and  Detroit Lions**

•         High Frequency Colors Communicated by Students:   Black, Blue, Green, Red, Gold, Silver, White, Silver, Yellow, Orange


Creating Coherence

•         Cross-Referenced School Colors of County High Schools

•         Consulted w/ Uniform Sales Representative

•         Considered Campus Academic Focus

•         Received Feedback from Architect


Final Decision

Carlsbad Unified families and students provided a total of 1,645 inputs over a 5 day period (Monday 8/20 through Friday 8/24). Community members were reached in the following ways:

•         Survey  Kiosks at Three Middle Schools During Registration

•         Elementary Families Invited to Vote Via  All Call System

•         9th Grade CHS Students Reached Via School Loop

•         Survey Closed on Friday, August 24 at 10 a.m.


Valley Center High School and Olympian High School already have this color scheme (Teal, Black, and Gold), and both have a student enrollment    similar to what Sage Creek will have when the school has all four grade levels (student enrollment numbers are what CIF uses to form athletic leagues).

** After consulting with a uniforms sales rep, it was determined that this color scheme would not be attainable using standard vendors.

*Please note that the uniform and “SC” lettering designs are used for the purpose of providing a mock up for the three different color combinations.  Actual uniform styles may vary from these samples.