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Clubs will be recognized when they have been approved by the following:

  1. Sage Creek High School ASB 
  2. Sage Creek High School Administration
  3. The Carlsbad Unified School district Board of Education 

The ASB Student Council will review and provide initial approval for all complete applications fulfilling ASB guidelines. We have our business meetings every Wednesday and will approve club applications during that time. The Sage Creek administration will review all documents and do one of two things: 1) Approve the Club Application documents or 2) Deny the Club Application and communicate with Club President and Club Advisor.


Club Applications approved by the ASB Student Council and the Sage Creek Administration will be submitted to the CUSD Board of Education for final approval.  CUSD Board meetings happen once a month, so new clubs may have a waiting period before becoming officially approved. An e-mail will be sent when official charter is approved by CUSD.


Current Club List

Above is a list of all of the clubs we have on campus this school year.

If you have a new club in mind please feel free to submit a Club Application.

In order to apply to create a club or to renew a previous club you must do the following:

  1. Clubs must complete the all three sections of the digital application (found below).

  2. A digital copy of your Constitution must be SHARED with Mrs. Tapia. Please e-mail the link to your Constitution to the following e-mail address: Here is a Constitution Template.

  3. Submit a signed Advisor Agreement Form to Mrs. South in the Student Store during its normal operating hours.

  4. Applications will be reviewed by the Sage Creek High School ASB for Approval.

  5. If approved by Sage Creek High School ASB, the club will be given active status and receive a confirmation e-mail.

  6. If the club plans to run finances (fundraise, pay for events, activities, and/or supplies) you will need to submit a hard copy Budget Form to Mrs. South in the Student Store during its normal operating hours.

Club Application

Club Advisor Agreement


If you want to put up posters around campus you must follow this process:

  1. Submit a mock poster for approval to Mrs. Tapia in person or via email ( 
  2. All posters should be school appropriate and serve a purpose for your club (advertise meetings, events, etc).
  3. Any poster being put up around campus must be put up using Painter's Tape ONLY. (No other tape is permitted).
  4. Posters can stay up for a maximum of 1 month or until the event you are promoting has passed.  Your club is  responsible for removing all posters that are put up by your representatives. 


Follow these steps to ensure your Fundraiser can be held:

  1. Complete the Google Form for the Fundraiser Request at least TWO WEEKS (10 business days) in advance of the Fundraiser Start Date. 

  2. The Fundraiser Request will be processed and sent for digital signature. Upon approval from admin, ASB will ensure that there are no conflicts in dates, times, etc. ASB will also ensure the fundraiser is allowable according to Board policies. If there are no conflicts, the Request will be added to the ASB Meeting Agenda. 

  3. Once the Fundraiser has been approved by Admin and ASB, the ASB secretary will add the Fundraiser to the ASB Fundraiser Calendar to block out the date and send a confirmation e-mail to Advisors to notify them of the status of the Fundraiser. This will also alert the advisor to proceed with any necessary Activity or Facility Request.


ASB meets every Wednesday so if your Fundraiser begins on October 6th, you should have this form submitted to Mrs. Tapia  PRIOR to  September 22nd to meet the two week requirement.

It is the Club’s responsibility to check the Fundraiser Calendar BEFORE submitting this form to verify that your fundraiser does not conflict with any previously scheduled fundraisers. 

Fundraisers are approved on a first come, first served basis. If you and another club select the same date it will be awarded to the first club that submitted the docs.