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Athletic Clearance



Athletic clearance for the 24-25 school year will open on May 13, 2024.  Athletic clearance is required each year, even for returning athletes.  All athletic clearance paperwork must be submitted for a student-athlete to receive a Ticket 2 Play.  A Ticket 2 Play is required to attend tryouts.  Athletes will not be permitted to attend tryouts and or practices until they have been cleared by the athletic department.   

***Incoming 9th grade athletes will need to pick up a Ticket 2 Play, dates and times TBD.  The minga app will not be available to incoming students until after registration. 

To start the athletic clearance process log onto Home Campus.  Select the 2024-2025 school year, and Sage Creek High School.  Once your clearance has been reviewed by the athletic department you will receive a confirmation email.

Forms do NOT need to be turned into the athletic office to complete the clearance process.  All forms MUST be uploaded directly to the clearance site for review. Students must keep all original forms for their records. 



Once all required forms are turned in online and clearance is approved by the athletic department student athletes will be issued a Ticket 2 Play through the MINGA app. 

A Ticket 2 Play is required to attend tryouts.

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Sports Physical

Sage Creek will be partnering with Carlsbad High School and Core Orthopedics again this year to provide sports physicals.  Please purchase a physical online at GoFan.  Physicals will be offered by Core Orthopedics on May 30 at 4:00pm at CHS.  This is a fundraising event and all money raised will go directly to Sage Creek Athletics.