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Field Hockey

Varsity Coach Jeff photo

Varsity Coach: Jeff, 


JV Coach Carolina

Junior Varsity Coach: Carolina, 


Dates for tryouts for the 2024 season: August 5-9, 4:00pm-5:30pm.

Athletes need to wear athletic clothes, shin guards, a mouth guard, a mask, and eye gear. If you have a field hockey stick please bring that as well.   

Tryout Note: We understand some families will still be on vacation and you may not be able to make tryouts.  If that is the case, please send an email to Coach Jeff.  Not trying out doesn't mean you wont make the team.

For tryouts, you do need your ticket2play.   For existing Sage Students, this should be accessible on Minga.  Get the app (and your clearance).  


Field Hockey Clinic, July 8th and 9th

There will be a 2 day clinic  from 2:00 to 4:00 at Sage Creek High School. If you're interested,  it's a great opportunity to refresh your skills, or in many cases, just learn how to play the game.  All are welcome, including Middle Schoolers.  Abilities will range from newcomers to our Varsity players.


Our Field Hockey team is a great group of girls who get along, have fun, and work hard.  Every year we have girls who have never picked up a hockey stick.  If that's you, it's not a problem. By the end of the year, you'll be a big part of the team.  In 2022, of our entire JV team, only one or two girls had every tried the sport.  And by the end of the year, we got our first win.  Our JV team is designed to get everyone playing time and improve throughout the year.

Ticket2Play is not required for this.


Check out our flier which has these dates, along with some information on equipment and costs.

2023 FLYER:  Coming Soon


2022 Team photo

2022 Sage Creek High School Varsity and Junior Varsity Teams

2022 Recap

The 2022 season was a very successful one, having hit many records for the program.  The varsity team finished with a record 7 wins (a 7-9-1 record), 11 goals, and a 6-6 record in league.  For the first time in SCHS history, we had a JV team and their level of improvement throughout the season shown in finishing the year with their first ever win against Westview, but also finishing the season on a 2 game winning streak with a win against Rancho Bernardo.  Coach Jeff and Coach Carolina are looking forward to continuing to grow the program and have fun doing it! 

A special thanks to last years captains.  On varsity, Bri, Emma, and Izzy.  On JV, Addi and Audrey,

Special Awards given this past season

First Team, All League : Brianna F.

Second Team, All League: Bailey S., Izzy W., Kailynn M.



It is an Olympic sport played by men and women around the world. It is most popular in countries like Argentina, Australia, India, Germany and England and is growing in the United States. Over 40 high schools in San Diego have teams. The season runs from August to November.

Do not confuse Field Hockey with Ice Hockey, as the two sports are quite different.  Field Hockey is, for the most part, a no contact sport, played with a ball on a turf field similar to Soccer or Lacrosse.  Check out this video playlist (11ish videos, out of order, so take note of that) to get a good idea.  The first video is only 2 1/2 minutes long.  

Hockey Basics

If you'd like to get a quick feel for some gameplay, these are quick videos from the FIH (Int'l federation)

Netherlands vs Argentina

England vs Netherlands

And if you want to see a high school videos:

Torrey Pines HS Field Hockey v Rancho Buena Vista  (Highlights of 2018 State Championship)

Bonita vs Chaminade  (Full Game)


Basic Field Hockey Rules

The Game:

  • Four quarters of 15 minutes each with a 5-10 minute half time.
  • 11 players per side, including the goalkeeper.
  • The ball must be passed or dribbled down the field with the flat side of the stick.
  • A goal is scored when an attacker strikes the ball into the goal from within the striking circle.
  • Any play deemed dangerous is considered a foul.



A player may not:

  • Shield or obstruct the ball from an opponent with the body or stick. All players must have an equal chance to gain control of the ball as it is dribbled or passed down the field.
  • Play the ball with the rounded side of the stick.
  • Charge, hit, shove or trip an opponent.
  • Raise the stick above the waist in a dangerous manner while attempting to play or stop the ball.
  • Advance the ball by any means other than with the stick.
  • Hit, hook, hold or interfere with and opponents stick.


Eye Gear Rule: 

The eye gear needs to be "permanently labeled with the ASTM 2713 standard for field hockey."



2021 Team photo

2021 Sage Creek Varsity Field Hockey Team